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Welcome to the The Barn, an exclusive training facility for anyone wishing to get in better shape by challenging themselves physically and mentally. Owned and operated by Peter Donohoe OLY, a world class athlete, Olympian and expert trainer.




Peter blends core strength, conditioning and Pilates, creating a unique methodology, appealing to a wide range of clients. He successfully brings this methodology to people of all levels of fitness and ability including Olympians, Boston Ballet dancers, rowing & Lacrosse teams train with the Donohoe method.


The Barn/studio business hours in Carlisle are 9am to 8pm Monday – Saturday.


A major part of Peter’s Olympic training was maintaining a balance of highly individualized personal training while keeping the goals of the team central. The combination of regular and consistent core exercise supplemented with a more personalized training program enabled Peter to achieve and maintain exceptional levels of performance. As an individual, he created a training strategy, which prepared him for the most arduous of physical and mental challenges.


A former dancer, rugby player and track athlete, Peter came to the dance community as a strength and conditioning expert to enhance performance and to help prevent injuries in young and experienced dancers.



 "As a trainer, Pete Donohoe, blends science and art to help clients with 3 dimensional form. Through his background as an engineer, competitive athlete and dancer, he brings nuance to redirect form & alignment in a precise and patient manner. I came to him seeking better balance and strength for a high altitude trek. He provided a series of exercises to identify under and over developed muscle groups. By activating, stretching and strengthening my upper back and gluteus areas I have better balance and alignment. His skill is in adaptive change each session for visible results. Individual work is augmented by the excellent classes taught by his staff. I am grateful for all that I have learned." Dr Mary Russell, cardiologist.  





 "Whatever your goal be it losing weight, getting stronger, or recovering from an injury Pete is able to tailor your workout to achieve it. He’ll watch your form like a hawk to make sure you get the most out of every exercise and will vary your workouts every session to challenge your muscles and keep you from getting bored. Wondering if working with a personal trainer will make a difference? After just one session with Pete, you’ll know the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”  Over the past few months, Pete has helped us get stronger and healthier and kept us challenged with a huge array of different exercises. Just when we think we’ve mastered something, he’ll change it and make us that much stronger in the process. Every session is different and tailored to our needs. He challenges us with a huge variety of exercises making sure our form is correct on each one. There’s no cheating in a workout with Pete he’ll see it immediately and get you back on track making it an incredibly effective way to train." Cate & Andy Waldeck.  













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© 2014 Peter Donohoe     Branding & Website:  creativesegments.com