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Welcome to the The Barn, an exclusive training facility for anyone wishing to get in better shape by challenging themselves physically and mentally. Owned and operated by Peter Donohoe OLY, a world class athlete, Olympian and expert trainer.




Peter blends core strength, conditioning and Pilates, creating a unique methodology, appealing to a wide range of clients. He successfully brings this methodology to people of all levels of fitness and ability including Olympians, Boston Ballet dancers, rowing & Lacrosse teams train with the Donohoe method.


The Barn/studio business hours in Carlisle are 9am to 8pm Monday – Saturday.


A major part of Peter’s Olympic training was maintaining a balance of highly individualized personal training while keeping the goals of the team central. The combination of regular and consistent core exercise supplemented with a more personalized training program enabled Peter to achieve and maintain exceptional levels of performance. As an individual, he created a training strategy, which prepared him for the most arduous of physical and mental challenges.


A former dancer, rugby player and track athlete, Peter came to the dance community as a strength and conditioning expert to enhance performance and to help prevent injuries in young and experienced dancers.





"Amy is engaging and clearly knowledgeable. It was a great workout without crushing me. I’ll be back."


Customer info: Melissa Koester

Trainer name: Amy Nosowitz on Sat Feb 24, 2018



"Love you guys! I've taken classes with Pete, Krista, and Amy, all have greatly exceeded my expectations. The studio is perfectly maintained, all of the equipment is state of the art, and the staff couldn't be more welcoming. Love the addition of a Pilates class, can't wait to come back!"


Customer info: Nick Wellin

Trainer name: Amy Nosowitz on Sat Feb 17, 2018



"State of the art fitness studio for small group, individualized attention during each class. Attention to form is paramount to each move and Pete's level of expertise is remarkable. Classes are fun too!"


Customer info: Lisa DiBartolomeo

Trainer name: Peter Donohoe on Tue Apr 3, 2018



"Thought Andy was a great trainer- very professional/ knowledgeable with a lot of personal attention and detail as to form. The setting for the gym was lovely- in the middle of the woods. Not at all like the usual institutional gyms."


Customer info: Deborah ODonnell

Trainer name: Andy Burke on Mon Apr 2, 2018



"I am thrilled to be working out again and enjoying such a beautiful and well-equipped facility with competent and encouraging trainers. Thank you!"


Customer info: Kelleen McGee

Trainer name: Christian Elwood on Thu May 3, 2018



"Peter's knowledge and expertise were evident from the very first training session. He does an excellent job of combining flexibility and overall conditioning. He also brings a very positive and supportive attitude to every session."


Customer info: Craig Morrison

Trainer name: Peter Donohoe on Fri May 4, 2018











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